Awards and Grants

I am fortunate to have been mentored by several outstanding people, and have the fortune of mentoring several outstanding students. Thanks to them for everything.

Fulton School of Engineering, Top 5% Teaching Award 2019.
National Science Foundation, CAREER award 2015.
Best paper award, Computational Cameras and Displays Workshop, 2015.
IEEE Outstanding Faculty, Phoenix Section, 2016.
Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Maryland, 2009.
NSF Travel Award for CVPR Doctoral Consortium, 2009.
Emerging Leader in Multimedia, IBM Corporation, 2008.
Institute Silver Medal, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, 2004.

Research Grants

We acknowledge the support of several federal agencies (NSF, NIH, ONR, ARO etc.) and private industry (Google, Intel, Raytheon etc.) in support of our research. Some of the major research grants I have received are summarized below.

Recent Grants