Current advisees

  • Anirudh Som, ECEE Ph.D. student
  • Sameeksha Katoch, (co-advised with Andreas Spanias) ECEE Ph.D. student
  • Hongjun Choi, ECEE Ph.D. student
  • Rajhans Singh, ECEE Ph.D. student
  • Kowshik Thopalli, ECEE Ph.D. student
  • Eunsom Jeon, ECEE Ph.D. student
  • Daniel Barboza, ECEE M.S. student
  • Kalyan Ainala (co-advised with Hemanth Venkateswara), ECEE M.S. student
  • Ankith Raaman, Computer Science B.S. student
  • Caitlyn Rose Elazegui, Math B.S. student
  • Vincent Li, Computer Systems B.S. student

Ph.D. graduates

  • Suhas Lohit, Ph.D. (ECEE), Fall 2019, Research Scientist, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.
  • Juan Andrade Rodas, Ph.D. (ECEE, co-advised with Andreas Spanias), Spring 2019, University of Cuenca, Ecuador.
  • Berkay Kanberoglu, Ph.D. (ECEE, co-advised with David Frakes), Fall 2018. Sr. Research Engineer, Samsung Research, Irvine CA.
  • Qiao Wang, Ph.D. (ECEE + AME), Fall 2018. Research Scientist, Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Princeton.
  • Kuldeep Kulkarni, Ph.D. (ECEE + AME) Summer 2017. Research Scientist, Adobe Research, Bangalore (previously post-doc at Carnegie Mellon University).
  • Henry Braun (co-advised with Andreas Spanias), Ph.D. (ECEE) Fall 2016. Research Scientist, Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota.
  • Rushil Anirudh Ph.D. (ECEE + AME) Spring 2016. Computer Scientist, at Lawrence Livermore National Labs (previously postdoc at IBM Almaden).
  • Vinay Venkataraman, Ph.D. (ECEE) Spring 2016. Principal Research Scientist, Nike Innovations (previously at and Google ATAP).

Masters graduates

  • Kaushik Koneripalli, M.S. (ECEE) Summer 2019. First position Siemens Research, New Jersey.
  • Anik Jha, M.S. (ECEE) Fall 2018. Imagry.
  • Li-Chi Huang, M.S. (Comp. Engg.) Fall 2017. First position Graftek Imaging.
  • Mayank Gupta, M.S. (Comp. Engg.) Summer 2017, First position Meta Co.
  • Chaitanya Potaraju, M.S. (ECEE), Summer 2017. First position AdviNow Medical.
  • Prashanth Seshasayee, co-advised by X. W. Sha, M.S. (ECEE+AME) Fall 2016. Intel.
  • Varsha Iyengar, co-advised by X. W. Sha M.S. (CS + AME) Spring 2016. Google ATAP.
  • Henghao Zhao, M.S. (ECEE + AME) Spring 2016. First position at eFulgent, Phoenix.
  • Aswin Sivakumar, M.S. (ECEE) 2014. Freescale Semiconductor.
  • Vaishnav Desai (co-advised with Hari Sundaram), M.S. (CS) 2013. Intel Corp.
  • Tingfang Du, M.S. (ECEE+AME) 2012. Lytro Inc.
  • Long Cheng, M.S. (ECEE+AME) 2012. Now at Google.

UG student alumni and visitors

  • Afra Nawar, Computer Engineering B.S. student
  • Farhan Rahman, Computer Engineering B.S. student
  • Ankita Shukla, Ph.D. student IIIT-Delhi, Summer 2017, Spring + Summer 2019.
  • Ahnaf Masroor, B.S. (NSF REU trainee), 2015-2017. (Currently PhD student at UIUC).

Student Recognition and Awards

  • Afra Nawar, selected as Student speaker + Flag Bearer for the Fulton Schools of Engineering Convocation Spring 2020 ceremony.
  • Anirudh Som invited to present interdisciplinary movement analysis work at Harvard Center for Research on Computation and Society (CRCS) workshop on “AI for social impact”.
  • Anirudh Som’s 2019 summer internship at Roche receives recognition as Most Innovative.
  • Kowshik Thopalli’s 2019 summer internship work at SRI received recognition in four categories: Most Innovative, Most Impactful, Best Poster, and Audience Choice, as judged by SRI jury.
  • Makayla Donaldson, Hadassah Fromowitz, Robert Graves, Olivia Ruthven, Timothy Sparks, Joseph and Sandra Palais Senior Design Prize Winners, First ever Online Capstone team to win the award, 2019.
  • Anirudh Som, NSF travel award to attend NSF-CBMS workshop on Topological Methods, 2019.
  • Ankita Shukla, NSF travel award to attend NSF-CBMS workshop on Topological Methods, 2019.
  • Suhas Lohit, ASU ECE travel Award, 2019, to present paper at CVPR 2019.
  • Kuldeep Kulkarni, CVPR Doctoral Consortium, 2017. Full travel award to participate.
  • Vinay Venkataraman, CVPR Doctoral Consortium, 2016. Full travel award to participate.
  • Suhas Lohit, University Graduate Fellowship, 2015.
  • Suhas Lohit and Kuldeep Kulkarni, Best paper award, Computational Cameras and Displays Workshop, 2015.
  • Rushil Anirudh, ASU ECE travel award, 2015, to present and attend the Data Compression Conference (DCC).

Student Internship Experiences

  • Rajhans Singh, Intel (Chandler AZ, Summer 2019).
  • Kowshik Thopalli, Lawrence Livermore National Labs (summer 2018), Stanford Research Institute (SRI Princeton, summer 2019), Microsoft Research (Summer 2020).
  • Anirudh Som, Mayo Clinic (summer 2015), Lawrence Livermore National Labs (summer 2018), Roche (Santa Clara, summer 2019), SRI Princeton (Summer 2020).
  • Suhas Lohit, Stanford Research Institute (SRI Princeton, summer 2017), Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL Boston, summer 2018).
  • Qiao Wang, Xerox Labs France (summer 2015), Stanford Research Institute (SRI Princeton, summer 2017).
  • Vinay Venkataraman, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (summer 2014 and summer 2015).
  • Kuldeep Kulkarni, Xerox Research India (Bangalore, summer 2015), Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL Boston, summer 2016).
  • Rushil Anirudh, Intuitive Surgical (summer 2013), DropCam Inc. (summer 2014), Lawrence Livermore National Labs (summer 2015).