Hi, I am Pavan Turaga. I am an Associate Professor jointly between the departments of Arts, Media, and Engineering and Electrical Engineering (ECEE).

I direct the Geometric Media Lab (GML) at ASU. Our work spans the gamut of inverse-problems, classification-problems, media-synthesis problems, and across sensing modalities such as images, video, wearables, and new kinds of computational sensors. Our methodologies are drawn from statistics, optimization, geometry, and topology, and broadly applied to the areas of computer vision, machine learning, health-analytics, and live experiential systems. Please browse the above tabs for a sampling of our research themes, and publications.

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Professional Preparation

Associate Professor, Arizona State University, 2017 – present
Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, 2011-2017
Research Associate, Center for Automation Research, 2009-2011
Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park 2004-2009
B.Tech Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, 2000-2004

Affiliated Centers

ASU Center for Sensor, Signal, Information Processing
ASU Synthesis Center
ASU Cognitive Science Program

Courtesy ASU Graduate faculty privileges

Computer Engineering Program
School of Earth and Space Exploration

We gratefully acknowledge the support received by several federal and industry grants over the years in support of our research. Our current sources of support include NSF, ARO, NIH, Intel. Past support has included NSF, ONR, Google ATAP, Raytheon.