NSF Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention

We received a 18 month Phase 1 planning grant from the NSF PIPP program, with a large team consisting of Patricia Solis (KER + SGSUP), Visar Berisha (CHS + ECEE), Giulia Pedrielli (SCAI), Gautam Dasarathy (ECEE), Lalitha Sankar (ECEE), Daniel Rivera (SEMTE), Laimonas Kelbauskas (KE), Ni Trieu (SCAI + BioDesign), Michael Simeone (ASU Library Data Science and Analytics), Timothy Lant (KE), Erik Johnston (SFIS + SCAS), WenWen Li (SGSUP), Matthew Buman (CHS), Efrem Lim (SOLS + BioDesign), Rolf Halden  (SEBE + BioDesign).

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