CVPR 2023

We are pleased to bring a diverse set of work spanning geometry, generative-AI, and AI-art to CVPR2023.

Main conference paper + highlight: PolyINR https://lnkd.in/d7v6uCpi (Rajhans Singh and Ankita Shukla)

Deep learning for Geometric Computing workshop paper: Deep Geometric Moment https://lnkd.in/d6tRkeZQ (Rajhans Singh and Ankita Shukla)

Generative Models for Computer Vision workshop paper with Adobe Research (Tripti Shukla, Paridhi Maheshwari, Rajhans Singh, Ankita Shukla, Kuldeep Kulkarni)

CVPR Demo Track + Art Gallery Highlight : Starry night in 3D with VQGAN+CLIP. https://youtube.com/shorts/DcloPnzbyWA?feature=share Come to CVPR to see it in full glory!

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